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Hurricanes Can't blow us away!

Road G Hurricane Michael damage St. Vincent Island November 2018

I visited the Refuge on November 20, 2018 to look at the island to assess the roads and structure for the 2018/ 2019 tours. This photo shows Road G at the intersection with Road 2 where some of the tours proceed on the way to West Pass. Fallen trees block the road making it impassable. Storm wrack is found over much of the island. In addition, storm surge covered over 70 % of the island during the storm, causing deep erosion on many of the roads.

Thankfully, at least three of the four Red Wolves survived ( Canis Rufus tracks at Cabin Road pictured below) Two that have radio collars have been tracked and one without a collar has been spotted on a game camera. I saw three Bald eagles and a white tailed deer , so I feel confident that the fauna have survived the storm.

Canis Rufus tracks at Cabin Road

While I was on the Refuge I participated in the USFWS Bio-Blitz. Using the I-Naturalist app , I made 9 observations of various plants on the Refuge. A photo below shows a Brittlegills. It was so beautiful and colorful.


I hope you too can visit the island and see for yourself that the Refuge has survived the storm and continues to be home to lots of flora and fauna.

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