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Wagon Tour Driver



Duties - the volunteer will be responsible for inspecting the tow vehicle and the tour wagon for roadworthiness and proper hitching, checking with the Tour Coordinator for the tour route and road conditions, proper seating and safety of the tour wagon passengers.


Hours Required - typically, wagon tours are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month from October through May. Each tour lasts approximately four to four and one half hours. This does not include travel time to and from St. Vincent Island. Seating capacity of the tour wagon is limited to 21 passengers.


 Skills/Licenses Required - the volunteer must possess a valid and current driver’s license, be a competent and safe driver, be willing to make stops along the tour route as called for by the Tour Narrator. The roads on the island are unpaved and driving speeds are not to exceed 10 miles per hour.


Training - training will be provided by Refuge staff and/or the cadre of the Supporters Of St. Vincent NWR.





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