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Take a walk on the Wild Side

John Stark showing Sambar Deer antlers to visitors

There is more than one way to visit the Refuge. We offer wagon tours from November through the end of April, but we also have guided walks throughout the Fall until Spring. The small groups of up to ten people explore the western end of the island. Often we see Red Wolf scat and tracks, white tail deer and Sambar tracks. Groups have found oak toads, the smallest toad in the USA, various snakes, raccoon prints and even a print from the sole bobcat that lives on the island. We can find the rare and FWC Red listed Gulf Coast Lupine, that only grows in sand dunes in Franklin & Gulf Counties. When we visit the beach, we may see a school of dolphins herding mullet toward the shore or perhaps some black tipped sharks or lemon sharks patrolling the water. Migratory birds use the Refuge as a well needed rest stop on their way to and from South America. On Road A we discovered tiny carnivarous plants in the Spring. .

Why not join us to take a closer look at some of the inhabitants of the Refuge? Just go to the Tours Calendar page and look for walks to register for an up close and personal look at the best kept secret of the Forgotten Coast

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