One of the ongoing projects on St. Vincent Island is the Red Wolf Tracking program. USFWS (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) employees and trained volunteers are working hard to keep track of the red wolf population on the island. The red wolf is an endangered species and efforts are being made to protect them and increase their population. In the fall of 1989, St. Vincent NWR was selected as an island propagation site for these wolves. January 1990 saw the arrival of a breeding pair of wolves raised in captivity from the Tallahassee Junior Museum. The red wolf propagation program has continued uninterrupted since that time. One breeding pair is kept on the island to produce pups each spring. In the winter, they are trapped, their health checked, and they are fitted with radio tracking collars. The pups will stay with their family for 18 months before they are trapped and relocated to the Alligator River NWR in North Carolina. Here, they are reintroduced into the wild. The St. Vincent program has been very successful and produced many litters.